Company Introduce

  Shanghai Li Hui Tapestry Art Co. Ltd. Has been established as a result of trade reorganization in the economic reform and opening of the country.
   The company has gathered many experienced art designers and handicraft masters of different schools of artistic styles.
   It specializes in making large tapestries as well as matching, high class, accessories of wool woven articles for interior decoration Mr Bao Yanhui ,the general manager of the company, has organized many tapestry art projects in the past twenty years.
   The tapestries produced by the company belong to the “protected traditional handicraft categories” specified by the state. These products are stitched by stitched on cotton canvase using tapestry yarn made of New Zealand’s wool and go through complicated hand processes, including dyeing, splitting, color sorting , thread, twisting, lining up and grouping, to form threads of thousands of different colors, which are embroidered on cotton canvases into the designed pictures.
   In the course of its production, the tapestry of the company has formed a unique style, vivid in shape and spirit and rich and attractive in colors. It is unreflecting, anti-mould, anti-moth, hardly contaminated by dirt and dust, lasting and durable. It has a strong artistic appeal, making a superb and splendid interior embellishment.

Art Majordomo
  Mr. Bao YanHuiEngaged in industrial art for 38 years, study craft skill at the youth --The metal is carved, later, because the need of work is transfered to woolen needlepoint tapestry art, had successively taken the post as a national musical instrument of Shanghai of factory directors of three factories, factory'sdirector Shanghai Red Star woolen needlepoint tapestry, general manager of Co., Ltd. of stone handicraft of sea of Shanghai, Shanghai Li brightness woolen needlepoint tapestry artistic Co., Ltd. general manager is it make operating room art director and Shanghai industrial art learn fibre art professional committee's director to embroider. Whom one one year plan leader and organize is it make woolen needlepoint tapestry great works have 30 over to embroider. The works were not only favored by domestic personage, promoted the cultural exchanges to the outside at the same time , can fight for the honor for the country. Many pieces of works obtain master of Chinese industrial art exhibition of works and industrial art gold , silver , copper medal , fine works of exhibition and obtain honorary certificate , government of related departments.
Woolen needlepoint tapestry maestro

Woolen needlepoint tapestry maestro Tang Mingmin

The woolen tapestry maestro Tang Mingmin's asterpiece: Flavor of West China Will evaluate in 2004 that asserts " first Shanghai industrial art fine works ". Master's works of the third Chinese industrial art of the fair of the West Lake of Hangzhou and international artistic fine works fair silver medal of 2002. " Deng Xiaoping and American former president Bush reproduced " in 1997, " Song Qingling , mother of country , " in 1996, 2000 " old tree proud wind and frost "
Beijing the the Great Hall of the People embroider not making position not main by her many woolen needlepoint tapestry not jumbo or in the middle of position, head many comrades and cooperate and complete: " Chairman Mao stayed with people of all nationalities " in the Room of Hunan in 1993, " bay night scene of Victoria " of Hong Kong drawing room of 1997,1999 Anhui Room " Mount Huang the sun rises ", " towering Song Shan hung down the Room of Henan at all times " in 2000, 2001 state banquet Room " the Changjiang River ten thousand li pursue ", Room of Gansu in 2002 " the Jiayu Pass ", " Changbai Mountain " of Room of Jilin in 2002, " night scene of mountain city " of Room of Chongqing of 2003

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