Tapestry Introduce

  Recording the peasant of the country in the 14th century clothing according to the materials, there is pattern similar to the needle law of woolen needlepoint tapestry on hanging and sacrificial altar articles. The 16th century later, European textile technology made very great progress, presented a kind of very firm linen, for embroidering and making bottom cloth to make hangings , desk blanket and bedspread. The flax make mesh to be size accurate, specification without exception , go on various kinds of stitch law is it display all sorts of picture result to arrange on it. Then someone concentrates one's attention on and studies various kinds of stitch laws. A needle law sample of woolen needlepoint tapestry in the 16th century in existence is a rectangular flax mesh cloth, embroider oblique needles , cross needle , the pattern that such needle laws as one set of needles ,etc. formed . The brocade tapestry of Europe presented the situation of having an unprecedently grand occasion after the 17th century. In French King Louis is 14 periods , use a large number of tapestries to decorate in the palace and imperial garden . The craft of the brocade tapestry is more complicated, and the woolen needlepoint tapestry craft has more simple and more convenient craft than the brocade tapestry, its appearance result and function, nearly like brocade tapestry, during the 16th century, there is woolen needlepoint tapestry that appears with the imitation appearance of the brocade tapestry, there is specialized woolen needlepoint tapestry production too. Britain is the centre of the European woolen needlepoint tapestry, the royal noble woman include Mary all one's life in successive dynasties, queen Elizabeth all know the woolen needlepoint tapestry. Subject matter of the British woolen needlepoint tapestry was mostly grass and trees at that time, the flowers, an animal, the Holy Bible story, the fable and noble's article. Bank up the special museum with earth and keep a famous vigorous blue special good fortune tablecloth in Victoria and A of London, it was rural scenery that embroidered all around, the centre is the grape that one group interweaved . The woolen needlepoint tapestry products can also be made the sofa besides hanging at that time, the cushion, the slippers, handbag undershirt and front cover of the large-scale books,etc., so that the woolen needlepoint tapestry becomes handicraft assortment that Europe and U.S.A. popularize very much for a time . In American the early days of foundation, all parts generally all have woolen needlepoint tapestry to embroider in course of vocational school, woolen needlepoint tapestry works which school students opened by the special lady of health of area of New England of Northeast of U.S.A. made, the ones that are considered as the treasure and kept are more than 50 now.
   At the beginning of the 20th century, British missionary James Mamaolan opens " the foreign firm of benevolent moral integrity " luxuriantly and bluly in Yantai, introduce woolen needlepoint tapestry art of Europe in the coastal area of China, afterwards, alien merchants are opening some enterprises too in Shanghai, organizing Chuansha of area of Pudong, Dongchang, TAKAHASI leads women to produce the woolen needlepoint tapestry products , the variety is mainly slippers, such semi-manufactured goods as the handbag slice ,etc.. Combine together with China's outstanding embroidery tradition after the woolen needlepoint tapestry is introduced to Shanghai, have formed the workmanship with characteristic of Chinese. It is one kind to embroider a kind of handicrafts made on the purpose-built mesh cloth with floss for embroidery, the floss for embroidery that it uses is generally Macao mao, the fibre is long, pulling force is fine, characteristic its to through dye , split line not to spell color craft by oneself , can display tone abundant picture extremely, mould color and change the extremely delicate image , is good at displaying such artistic results as the canvas , traditional Chinese Painting , photographing coloredly ,etc., color is abundant , the level is clear , vivid, lifelike. Because it can make the color line get more countlessly , is generally used for duplicating the canvas with abundant tone and photographing coloredly, including figure painting and landscape painting. Shanghai woolen needlepoint tapestry work of art well-known home and abroad, especially can only produce the slippers originally at variety after the foundation of the state and handbag slice, developing can embroider such large-scale works of art as looking like , personage scenery of various kinds of leaders ,etc. until today. It is lifelike with its image, color is strong , the level is clear, the " Shanghai's style " artistic style with strong three-dimensional effect takes the course of its own . Its characteristic is: (1)Draw lessons from China's tradition and embroider the craft , with the changeable needle law and concatenation craft, split the line , has pieced together the craft and enriched the artistic language of Shanghai woolen needlepoint tapestry; (2)Creating again through art, will appear ingeniously , color, spirit , the light is merged , make the woolen needlepoint tapestry works reach the faithful original work , better than the artistic result of the original work ; (3)The work of art of woolen needlepoint tapestry processed with special-method, defend mouldly , defend and eat ,,Not only lengthenned the life-span of the works but also strengthened artistic appeal; (4)On the color skill and technique, improved from originally simple color in order to dye by oneself , absorb embroider strong point of skill and technique, by monochromatic to is it improve for spell color embroider , color beautiful connecting color person who embroider skilling and techniqueing to embroider, there is no reflecting light in the picture , the style is very suitable for making into the famous person of the leader portrait solemnly. Regarded as the national-level gift , or the furnishings product in the museum , show room , hotel.
   The woolen needlepoint tapestry works have authenticity of photography art , have artistry of painting, give somebody very strong artistic appeal and infinite aftertasting. Especially suitable for the hall , the hall , the drawing room, ornament of the room. Hang pictures small-scaly and often elect the country gifts as, the collection , tourist souvenir and house ornament . The large-scale works are powerful, can display the famous mountains and great rivers , custom conditions and customs thoroughly , such humanity and natural landscape as classical building , culture historic site ,etc..

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